Online slot machines from Canadian casinos

Slot machines are the most entertaining form of online gambling at casinos, with hundreds to choose from, each with a different theme. With so much choice available when it comes to playing slots, we’ve developed this guide for Canadian players looking for help to decide which slots to play online.

Best online slots

We’ve reviews of the best slot machines from a variety of casinos, covering all the major software providers to give you this definitive list. These are the best slot machines available in 2013, and as you’ll see they offer some of the biggest branded games, from movies to cartoons, to fictional characters.

Canadian slot machines

Canadian players love to play slot machines at online casinos, and with so many to choose from, it’s not surprising. The most popular form of slot machines at Canadian casinos are slots with bonus round features which offer players the opportunity to increase their winnings significantly by gambling their way through an animated feature. Not only do these bonus rounds provide a great source of entertainment, they allow for big winnings too!